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Take a look at this website footer example from HubSpot: The footer is home to several internal links, each of which point to a landing page using rich anchor text like sales email templates or pipeline management tool. This anchor text tells Google spiders exactly what the page is about. The alignment of the footer links will change depending on the viewport size. show me how Instapage works . Bulleted copy quickly communicates the benefits of the offer. 12. As the name implies, the footer area is shown when the user starts scrolling the page. Footer will be enabled by default for all new communication sites after the feature is rolled out.

Hence, you can see an easy-to-digest content structure right from the header to the footer. 5. In the first variant seen above, we used a vague call to action Continue as opposed to a more specific CTA like the one seen in the second variant. First we need to create two files index.html and style.css then we need to do code for it.. The background color is set via CSS class .bg-light. The footer of the Mango Languages product landing page In the footer, Mango Languages partly repeated and broadened the content of the buttons they used in the header. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to make: Divi Cafe. 1. For example, a space for a video link is given at the homepage header section, and right below the video, you have space to showcase your product and the brands using your app/services. 6. 1. Dropbox Paper. It has a simple design with a full-width layout featuring images and content beautifully. Mainly known for their file hosting service, Dropbox offers a number of additional tools and features. Divi Cafe is a WordPress landing page template for cafes, restaurants, and food-related businesses. Amazing Examples of Website Footers Minimal black and white footer. Next, for the desktop links, we add .hidden and .lg:block, which we do the direct inverse of the above.For the actual links, we add .inline-flex to make the links appear horizontal. The headline communicates a clear benefit. 07. Bootstrap footer with external and internal links. Bundles. This means search engines know where (and how) rank the landing page: for Most good landing pages use the main headline to confirm the offer and use a sub heading for more explanation or value proposition (aka why your offer is awesome). Best SaaS landing page example of clean, classic, and button-happy: Anaplan. Another type of landing page is the Microsite, a fully functioning small temporary site created in addition to the companys main website. 2. The landing page is fully responsive and well documented. On a landing page, you can use the footer as a surprise element to show offers. There are unlimited possibilities when you combine the footer with interactive animations. And we have covered quite a few examples here in this list, take your time and check all of them. V16 is a Bootstrap 4 footer with a newsletter signup form. Save it using .css at the end of the file while writing the name of the file. Its not often that we see a footer being used as the sole source of navigation. If youve ever used automation, you know how intimidating it can be, especially if youve never learned to code. CTA #1. While this landing page refers to a specific piece of content, the ideas used here can be an inspiration for all campaigns and not just landing pages built to promote ebooks. You have to get everything right - starting from the header copy, the design, the background images, the outline, and so on. But the good thing is that were not in 1999 anymore and you dont have to design landing pages right from scratch. You can create one in minutes using either WIX or Unbounce. Here are two different versions of Elite Chiropractics landing page. Step:1. Buttons & Calls to Action. What I love about it Blue footer. With that disclaimer out of the way, here are 15 high-converting landing page examples from Unbounce customers (with conversion tips from the people who actually built them). A basic example of the simple footer with text, links and copyright section. Use our ready-made section templates for portflio, pricing, team, header, footer and so much more. Avilon. To indicate the active link (in our case, the home link), we make the text bold. Important. These landing pages rarely flash out the name of the company, putting the stakes on the content only. Compelling case: Outside of the headers and subs, it takes only three copy blocks to really sell Shopifys offering, which again, speaks volumes to the visitor. Image courtesy of Promo. Here are the rules determining that .footer-links { text-align: right; } @media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .page-footer .footer-child { text-align: center; } } At this point, lets have a look at our page: This carefully created list of free HTML landing page templates has accumulated some great products. Start Bootstrap. Hello guys in this tutorial we will create an landing page using html & css.

You can also use this landing page template to showcase your featured content and case studies. Another good bootstrap footer example for landing pages.

Avilon is a one-page product landing page example that can also suffice as a business portfolio. However, this small change is the only difference between these two landing pages.

Not only that Sedna is a free template but its easy-to-edit also. This footer design makes use of a color scheme quite smartly and the subtle uses of Style your buttons and set up redirect URLs to take the visitor to the right links. Now that you know how they work, here are some landing page URL examples and best practices to improve your digital marketing efforts. Home Landing Page (antiquated) Page Elements. 3. An example might be, Free Facebook Marketing Ebook (headline), Learn how to get more Facebook followers, likes, and engagement from our marketing gurus (sub heading). A mobile landing page is a web page thats designed specifically to convert mobile-device users. Including a full name and headshot to the customer testimonial could improve its credibility. This landing page example promotes Dropbox Paper, a collaborative workspace for teams of all sizes. Promo Industry: Social Media / Conversion Rate: 46.94%. This is a clean, elegant, and colorful product landing page example featuring easily customizable layouts, testimonial slider, brilliant CTA buttons, etc. A mobile landing page typically has only one call-to-action throughout it.

For individual links, we give them padding on both sides. Thats designed to make you feel happy and smiley too. This is a footer we designed for a heavy civil construction client. It could be one or more links. Travis CI repos for new landing page. In this text-based tutorial, Im going to take you through how to make a landing page for a boxing TV channel with plain HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. One outlines how easily you can design and customize a beautiful layout. Landing Pages & Headers. But, you add another column that displays links that take the user to a particular page. See Demo. 1. The sticky footer plan using css you will see next is a basic and essential one. The website footer is the section of content at the very bottom of a web page. It typically contains a copyright notice, link to a privacy policy, sitemap, logo, contact information, social media icons, and an email sign-up form. Slack landing page example. Contribute to Montana/travis-examples-landing-page development by creating an account on GitHub. 9 Wix click-through landing page. This is one of the examples of fixed footer using css. 7. In the event that you are running an a sorry greater site you can clearly go for this one. (Click image to see the full page.) 2. For this type of footer, you will have the same style as the footer with column. Its pleasing to the eye and can help guide your users where you want them to go. Text Editor. Putting external links allows you to better reference your site. Great examples of this are the sites created to promote an upcoming movie or event. Article Spotlights. Sedna is an awesomely built, responsive free HTML5 one page template that gives you enormous flexibility towards sites creation. Weboo pulls this off quite well, with an easy-to-understand step method of getting from one page to the next. Footers Weboo. Mecannical. Split Da Diz. Article Spotlight Lists Main Landing Page; Article Spotlight Lists Internal Landing Page; Article Spotlight Lists (with thumbnails), Main Landing Page; Article Spotlight Lists with thumbnails Internal Landing Page; Article Spotlight List Rows (feature img and list) Main Landing Page In this way, you can create your footer for your website using these steps. Keep Your Landing Page Simple Oscars landing page is a beautiful example of this principle in action: Symmetry is another important aspect of minimalist design. It is a regular footer which you might have seen on several business websites. For a website with multiple pages, you cant add all the pages in the navigation menu itself. We have to prioritize the menu options and need to add it important one on the navigation bar. The footer space can be utilized to add all the secondary navigation options. Zapier. Preview Download. You can also use this footer design in blogs to show subscription form and social media follow requests.

Make Your Landing Page URL Easy to Read.

Theyre simplistic and avoid elements like links, phone numbers and other distractions that could lead people away. For the rest of the links, we use a darker shade of gray Source code of css: It is also a markup language and we will use it to design our footer. We recently designed this for a luxury condo construction client.

Create, customize, and test your landing page URLs to make them easier to recognize for potential customers and search engines. An example: Amazon A well-known example of a company using this technique is Amazon. This one is simply outstanding, an original and creative footer design that will surely impress your target audience. You can set your own color choosing from MDB color palette or by setting a completely custom color via inline CSS, for example style="background-color: #9933CC;" We put a mask on the copyrights section using RGBA code to outstand it. Firstly, theres that smiling man on the laptops screen. Like a regular landing page, mobile landing pages act as a destination for users arriving from ad campaigns, online referrals, marketing campaigns, and search results. This opens up the space for your substance and aides in space utilization. 5. Adding white space would help the page look less crowded and more aesthetically appealing.

Use the drag & drop builder to customize and then download the code. All Admin & Dashboard Landing Pages Business & Corporate Portfolio & Resume General Page Layouts Navigation Layouts Ecommerce Blog & News. Here are the main landing page elements you need to think over: a unique offer; engaging visual content; sharp and concise body copy; the benefits of your offer; features; social proof; lead form and clear call to action. A common design feature of good landing pages is that they typically dont have a full header and footer. Bootstrap 5 landing page themes that are pre-designed and ready to publish, perfect for creating marketing pages and one page websites. 100+ HTML landing page templates to choose from. Flexbox Sticky Footer Example. In the default design, the creator doesnt add any links or widgets. Footer; Designing an Effective Landing Page 8 Best Practices; 1. Block Collider. The name of our fictional TV channel is JabTV, and the purpose of making the landing page is to collect emails. This footer works well because of This is a great example of a click-through landing page, and Wix has used a few clever tricks to make sure visitors click and become potential new customers. Add below code inside index.html 1. Along with this update, the content bar (also referred to as the social bar) - which contains the Like, Comment, View and Save for Later icons - will be docked permanently on top of the Comments section on all modern pages and news posts. Even better is that you can either click or use your mouses scroll wheel to navigate. 14. Create a CSS file and link it with an Html file.