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To view her Photo. Hindu : Lingayat Mother Tongue. As per SC, SBC, ST category different reservation has been shown in all caste list, similarly OBC cast list in Maharashtra also includes 19% Reservation has been given. Age / Height 33 / 5ft 5in. The Lingayat Koshtis do not always carry the ling openly like the Vanis. Instead there has been listed Lingayat Wani , Lingayat Mali , Lingayat Teli under the OBC category for the Maharashtra state .. The chapter aims to locate the Lingayats and their politics in the overall social and political context of Maharashtra. The Lingayat people are known for wearing a linga, an object representing God; in this case, Shiva. Kerala Marathi Profession. 5) Divorcee Deaf-mute : Birthdate : 27-Nov-90- Education : 10th : Height : 5'2" Place : Umalvad: Caste : Lingayat Kumbhar They acknowledge only one God, Siva, and reject the other two persons of the Hindu Triad. Lingayats are followers of lord Basavanna who formed an egalitarian (believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities) society with uniform and fixed ritual codes. Fundamental changes in the caste system of Maharashtra are bound to take place.

Register Free. On this site you can send unlimited contacts & messages and view contact details at no cost. The Lingayat, Lad and Maratha Koshtis are manufacturers of a cloth called pitamber in which gold lace is used. Vivaah's online marriage services are totally Free & will always stay this way. SC (Scheduled Caste) 138. The Caste system in Maharashtra is amid a big change. The Maratha Koshtis are Kunbis and several of them are cultivators. Education B.E. M.P. 22. They are a numerous group in India, especially in the state of Karnataka. Solapur Matrimony. Lingayats form around 17 per cent of Karnataka's population with a strong presence in Mumbai-Karnataka and Hyderabad-Karnataka regions and are deemed to be the largest caste formation. Suresh Angadi Minister of State for Railways, Government of India. If you are exploring matrimonial sites in usa, you have landed on the right portal Matchfinder matrimony. Kalburgi - Surname is derived from Kalburgi city in Karnataka. They migrated to various places as 1) Kunkeshwar, Taluka Devgad 2) Khaida, Taluka Malvan 3) Waingani, Taluka Kankavli.

With Lingayats in Maharashtra numbering several million and several hundred thousand in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, a current estimate of around 15 million people is reasonable. Basavannas reformist Bhakti movement rejected the caste system which is considered one of the integrated practice of Hinduism. Retrieved 11 August 2018. Out of 99 castes listed within the Lingayat community, about 20 come under SC and another 15 come under OBCAccording to sources, about 7 per cent of Lingayats come under SC/ST category. ^ "CASTE LIST Government Order No.SWD 225 BCA 2000, Dated:30th March 2002". List of common Veershaiva/Lingayat surnames. ST Caste List in Maharashtra. So far there are 47 castes and sub castes in the Sc category. According to the Sc and St Order (Amendment) Act 1976 as 108, as mentioned in Part 10 of Annexure 1, the list of Scheduled Tribes is something like this for the state of Maharashtra. Seema Balaso Kumbhar (Code no. Maharashtra Caste List PDF Download. 20. Choose from over 10,000 Lingayat Matrimony Profiles in Solapur. Bride. Lingayat Maharashtra Matrimony. 27, 5' 4". The major reason why some Lingayat community members argue that it is different from that of Hinduism, is the Gender-neutral, caste-neutral treatment of equality. One sub-division of the Thavang worships Vishnu and another Shiva, but both intermarry. Nagur () - Surname is derived from Nagur village in Bidar district in Karnataka. Maharashtra OBC Caste List by 291 Lingayat Dhobi 292 Lingayat Jangam 293 Lingayat Gurav 294 Lingayat Kuleladgi 295 Lingayat kumbhar 296 Lingayat Mali. ST (Scheduled Tribe) 180. Their religion is a simple one. Profession Engineer (Project) Location Miraj Sangli. Registering profile is easy on this Marathi Lingayat matrimonial site. List of OBC In Maharashtra. Following his election, VBA leader Pramod Gaikwad and two others had complained that Mahaswami is a Lingayat but has been elected from the SC reserved Lok Sabha seat. Other Education. Darji ,Cheepi,Chhipi,Shipi, Mavi (Namdev) 22. Online over a month ago Age / Height. Dhobi (excluding Bhopal, Raisen & Sehore District i.e. Mina (Rawat) Deshwali , Mewati, Mina (excluding Sironj and lateri Tehsil of Vidisha District) 24. In 1917, C. R. Reddy formed the Praja-Mithira-Mandali for opposing the supremacy of the Brahmans.

In Maharashtra, a section of the Lingayats had organised nine morchas to Matrimony ID - SH75526996. Solapur Grooms. The major difference between the Lingayats and the Veerashaivas is that while the former reject the Vedas and the caste system, the latter dont. The word Lingayat is the anglicised form of Lingavant, which is the vernacular term commonly used for any member of the community. Veerashaivas evolved into a typical Hindu community where caste is considered prominent. Maharashtra marriages in the Lingayat caste community are celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.

Maharashtra, a state in Western India, is home to more than 9% of India's population. The Nachabands are principally Jangams, and Given the explosive nature of the findings, the Siddaramaiah is in a dilemma on releasing the data before Assembly elections. He taught against the caste system and its regulations. The Lingayats have been aptly described as a peaceable race of Hindu Puritans. Lingayat Maharashtra Matrimony Grooms. In Mysore, the Lingayats formed the Lingayat Education Association and formed the Vokkaliga Sangha or Society in 1905-06. Lingayat, also known as Veerashaiva / vrav /, are a community in India who adhere to Lingayatism. This is a list of notable Lingayats: Nayakas of Sonda, Royal Family of North Kanara or Uttar Kannada District 100. excluding the areas Where they are listed as Scheduled Castes) Bhatti, Baretha, Rajak. The Lingayats and Vokkaligas make up 14% and 11%, respectively. This group formed in the 12th century by Basava, a philosopher and a social reformer. There are huge followers of Lingayatism even in Hingoli district of Maratahwada. The Maharashtra cabinet on Thursday approved inclusion of ten sub-castes in the 'Lingayat' community in the OBC category and also recommended the Centre to grant minority status to the community. Various rituals and traditions belonging to Maharashtra Matrimony and Lingayat Matrimony are followed in these marriages. Solapur Brides. OBC (Other Backward Class) 550. The Lingayats worship Shiva as a formless entity ( ishta linga ), while Veerashaivas worship the Vedic idol of Shiva with a snake around his neck. I belong to a well-mannered middle-class family living in Read More . Updated: December 04, 2021 23:24 IST. They are a numerous group in India, especially in the state of Karnataka. Main reason to spread Lingayatism in deep inside Marathawada region is its proximity to Basavakalyan (currently, its in Bidar district Karnataka), where original Lingayat

that kar is pronouned KAAr, and it means "maker" etc. Total Number. Based on the complaint, police booked five persons, including Arjun Ramchandra Jangawali, Haribhau Hiranawale, Chandrakant alias Balu Auranage and two others, under sections of the Maharashtra Protection of People from Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act. Free registration. LINGAYAT is not included in the list of OBC candidates of Maharashtra State. You may see the same in the following attachment with this post at the bottom of Page-8. Lingayat caste is excluded in the list of OBC candidates. Re: Does Lingayat caste come under OBC in state of Maharashtra? Does Veershaiva Lingayat come under OBC list? Special Correspondent. Findings of the caste census, accessed by News18, show that the Scheduled Castes account for 19.5% of the states population and the Muslims make up 16%. Lingayathism has spread widely in Western Maharashtra and Marathawada region which fall southwards of Godavari river. 297 Lingayat Nhavi 298 Lingayat Parit 299 Lingayat Phulari 300 Lingayat Sutar 301 Lingayat Taqmboli 302 Lingayat Teli Sr No Category Type Caste Name 1 Nomadic Tribe (B) Gosavi (1) 2 Nomadic Tribe (B) Beldar (2) 3 Nomadic Tribe (B) Bharadi (3) Lingayat Parit 280 Other Backward Class (125)Lingayat Dhobi 281 Other Backward Class (125)Dhobi 282 Other Backward Class (125)Telugu Madelwar(Parit) 283 Other Backward Class (125)Madwal This group formed in the 12th century by Basava, a philosopher and a social reformer. The politics of caste always played a very important role in deciding the nature of regional politics in India. Modern day Karnataka was the centre of the Lingayat mobilization in its early phase as well as major Marathi publications of Lingayat community which were covering Lingayat-Virasaiva intersectionality in OBC status for Lingayat sub-castes in Maharashtra Special Correspondent. Find your match for marriage using our 100% free matrimonial services. Find thousands of brides and grooms on Marathi Lingayat matrimony. Gaikwad had further alleged Mahaswami had obtained a bogus caste certificate in which his caste is deemed to be Beda Jangam, which falls under the SC category. Pangudwale belongs to the Lingayat Gawli community. Caste Lingayat - Pancham. Religion, Caste. Lingayats in Maharashtra wont get separate religion tag, says state govt This story is from July 13, 2018 Sujit Mahamulkar / TNN / Updated: Jul 13, 2018, 04:02 IST Many of the Maharashtra Lingayat brides and grooms who are Business / Consultant, Engineer, Non-Working etc. Prakash Congress Leader and Former Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka [28] M. B. Patil former Minister for Water Resources, Government of Karnataka. India's Fastest Growing Free Matrimonial Site. Deshastha Bramins,Maharashtra Surnames. Offer valid today! All these organisations opposed the Brahmans and aimed at getting equal social and religious status. MUMBAI May 23, 2016 18:42 IST. 23. the Lingayat caste has not been listed under the Other Backward Caste in the central list of the OBC. M M Kalburgi. 21. He taught against the caste system and its regulations. Vivaah - Matrimony Profiles of Lingayat Brides/ Girls in Maharashtra. Ahmmad, Aziz; Ishwaran, Karigoudar (1973), Contributions to Asian Studies, Brill Academic, archived from the original on 15 April 2021, retrieved 11 March 2018 Current / Work Location Pune city Pune. Please support our mission by joining. Showing profiles 1 to In the Lingayat heartland, as many as 67% of the people follow the religion. Bachelors in Medicine Location. The Lingayat - Virasaiva sect of the Medieval Deccan played a prominent role in the critique of Caste through Hagiography and Vachana literature (Sharana/Vachana Sahitya). Caste Category. Contact matches for just Rs. The Lingayat people are known for wearing a linga, an object representing a god; in this case, Shiva. Ainapure - Surname is derived from ainapur village in Athni district in Karamataka. Other migrant communities like Lingayats from Karnataka and Gujjars from Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh were among the remaining fraction of the society who later settled in Maharashtra. After Karnataka, Maharashtra has significant number of Lingayats. Suresh Shetkar former MP of Zahirabad (Lok Sabha constituency), Telangana. In Karnataka they constitute 16% of the population, while in Maharashtra the community groups said they make up 6 Ramesh (MAT567327) Express Interest .