When looking for the right network solution, look no further. Compology Solutions will provide you with the latest in network technology. Let Compology Solutions be your computer support center for all server, workstation, email, printing, faxing, and general computer trouble shooting needs.

Upon assessing your business needs and objectives, our consultants provide an operational strategy with options. A basic operational component, the ‘server’ is a custom built machine to meet a certain need. Compology Solutions has a cadre of industry certified engineers can build these machines on Windows 2003, RedHat or Debian Linux platforms.
Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies, we are able to connect branch offices, and home office networks to your main headquarters. Compology is well versed with Cisco PIX, Linksys, 3Com, Netscreen, and SonicWall VPN options.
Wireless networks utilizing the 802.11a/b/g standards can be built and, depending on your user base, secured with a number of automated measures.
Our software engineer is capable of integrating corporate desktop policies, acceptable use agreements, and knowledge of regulatory compliance to design workstations that best fit your business environment. Platforms include: Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, MacOS 9-10.X, and Gnome (for Linux)
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Open-source software, licensed under the GNU Public License, allows anyone to install and use thousands of applications, and networking components, and tools – FOR FREE. This is the de-facto option to proprietary solutions (ex. paid licenses to use Microsoft or Apple software).
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There are many solutoins for your practice to use all with billing, digital x-ray, calendaring, patient history, and many more functionalities. We will help your practice find a solution that will be suite your needs and implement the solution along with the manufacturer. Once installed we will maintain your network and work together with you to maximize your practice…. click for details
Every business office needs CAT 5E/6 Cabling when setting up a network. We can help make sure that you have the proper cabling so that your data is transfered the most reliably and fast. We also can give you more secure options than using UTP cabling.
Macintosh is growing in popularity for many reason, some are less susceptable to viruses, reliablility, and many more than we can list. We can setup severs to connect your Macintosh computers together, share printers, have remote access, integrate with an email systems such as Microsoft Exchange, and much more. Call us for more details